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Education We Are RiSE

Introducing RiSE Education

Our Vision

RiSE Education is an initiative created by senior medical professionals looking to inspire and pass on valuable life experience to younger generations.

Through our ‘Experience days’ held at your very own school, children will get the chance to perform a staged heart transplant operation and to learn about how to make a difference to people’s lives.

As a company our aim is to inspire pupils across the North West, where they will get to learn about the power and importance of a rewarding career, whether in healthcare or not.

We’re a collective of critical care specialists who believe in the power of education and inspiring the next generation.


What we can offer your school and pupils…

  • A glimpse into the career of senior healthcare professionals
  • To feel moved and inspired
  • An opportunity to learn something new
  • An introduction to a world that they may never have realised existed
  • A fun, memorable day, and an experience that they won’t forget

Our background

As a group of critical care specialists we have years of experience of looking after some of the most critically ill patients – many of whom have required heart and lung transplants. “We feel very fortunate to get amazing feedback in our jobs, and are frequently moved to tears making a difference to people’s lives.”

We aspire to transfer some of these feelings into the minds of children in classrooms today. Providing a link from industry to education through a motivational, stimulating and touching experience that’s an alternative to the usual day in a school classroom.

We want to iNSPIRE the next generation of young people, get them fired up by science and medicine.

Dr Julian Barker, CEO
RiSE Education